Remedial Massage

Remedial massage services in Malvern East

Remedial massage at East Malvern Massage Group focuses on particular areas of muscle tension and chronic pain and aims to relieve this with deep tissue work. Isolated pressure is used to loosen the muscle easing the area of discomfort.  It is a treatment that goes straight to the source of the problem and heals both the cause and the symptoms. Through special techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Dry Needling and Cupping. These therapies will de-activate trigger points, and fascia and release the muscle. The intense pressure felt will be followed by a reduction in tension and pain. This technique is very effective on chronic injuries and soft tissue pain. Remedial massage therapy stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism to bring about healing. 

Remedial massage calms the muscles to ease pain and discomfort and tones and relaxes the muscles to improve joint mobility. It improves our body’s cells in the repairing of tissues and eases stiffness and tensions.

Ideal for those who suffer from problems such as back and neck pain, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome, migraines, referred pain, overuse injuries, joint injuries, tension headaches or poor posture from spending hours sitting in one position every day e.g. desk based jobs.

A remedial massage will include an assessment to highlight the specific problems and deep tissue techniques to re-balance your body’s muscular system, and allow a reduction in pain from any soft tissue problems combined with a sense of relaxation.

At the end of your deep tissue/remedial massage your therapist may advise you of exercises/stretches specific to your conditions full recovery or management and will leave you feeling re-balanced and restored, and best of all your aches and pains will be a distant memory.

Our therapists at East Malvern Massage Group are fully claimable, providing instant health fund rebates.

More about remedial massage in Malvern East

Remedial massage at East Malvern Massage Group is an outcome based treatment, following the fundament principles of our unique IRP approach, Investigate Rectify Prevent.

Our therapists at East Malvern Massage Group will design a treatment specific to your needs. Techniques used may include; remedial massage, sports massage, soft tissue therapy, medical massage, dry needling, cupping, and stretching.

Your remedial massage therapist may give you exercises, and or stretches to assist your treatment outcomes. All our remedial massage therapists at East Malvern Massage Group are fully claimable, providing instant health fund rebates.

East Malvern Massage Group is committed to providing you the best remedial massage treatment in Melbourne.

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