Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massages in Melbourne

Pregnancy massage therapy is great for stress relief. It soothes those aching muscles and eases tension.  It's very beneficial if you suffer any of these complaints whilst pregnant. Remember, if it reduces stress in mum, it reduces stress for the baby too.

Some pregnancy massage benefits are:

·         Assists in relieving tension, aches and pains

·         Helps lower back pain and muscle cramps

·         Reduces peripheral swelling

·         Helps ease sciatic pain

·         Is nurturing for you and baby

At East Malvern Massage Group, we offer the use of a luxury pregnancy pillow. This allows mum to lay face down, or in a side lying position with supportive cushioning for comfort. Your pregnancy massage therapist will discuss which option is best for you. Our personalised pregnancy massages will allow mum to relax and unwind whilst relieving aches and pains….and if it’s good for mum, it's good for baby too.

About Pregnancy Massage in Malvern East

All of our trained and experienced pregnancy massage therapists are registered with Massage and Myotherapy Australia, and are accredited Australia wide for pregnancy massage, ensuring both baby and mum are in the best of care.

The aim of pregnancy massage is to help mum and baby have the best experience. Ensuring those aches and pains of pregnancy are dealt with in a sensitive and dignified manner.

Pregnancy massage relieves tension. Reduces aches and pains especially in the lower back. It helps with muscle cramps, and reduces peripheral swelling. Eases sciatic pain, and is nurturing for mum and baby.

How Is Prenatal Massage Different?

Unlike other massages, pregnancy massage is uniquely designed to ensure the comfort, and dignity of the expecting mum. Yet still achieving therapeutic outcomes.  You will either be face down on our specially designed pregnancy pillow, or in a side lying position supported by pillows for comfort. The massage concentrates on your neck, back, hips and legs. All areas that are usually stressed by pregnancy. Your therapist will discuss and confirm the areas to be massaged, thus ensuring your comfort and privacy.

What Are The Benefits Of Massage On Pregnancy?

Being pregnant can be hard for many expecting mums. The stress and anxiety alone can be overwhelming. Then add the back pain almost all expecting mums experience during their pregnancy, and it can become quite difficult. In such cases, pregnancy massages help relax and invigorate your muscles providing relief. Research has shown that getting a pregnancy massage decreases norepinephrine (a stress hormone) in your blood stream which helps you sleep better. Also it helps with the leg and back pain which can be troublesome for all. You can get both prenatal and postnatal pregnancy massages here from trained and experienced therapist.

Finding A Therapist

An expecting mum should take care when looking for a pregnancy massage therapist. Not all therapists are skilled or comfortable giving a prenatal massage. When making an appointment be sure to inform your massage therapist that you are pregnant and ask if they have experience working with pregnant women.

East Malvern Massage Group is committed to providing you the best pregnancy massage in Melbourne.

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