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Relieve your Stress with our best Massage Therapies

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A stressful life or situation that is not managed effectively can lead to a bad outcome, not only for the sufferer, but also the loved ones around them. You may not be able to control the stressor, but with the help of some specific techniques, you can overcome this.

Have you ever thought “I can’t take this anymore” and found yourself neglecting the things you value most? Typically you never reduce the stress whilst in your home feeling stressed. If this sounds like you, it’s time to seek help from experienced therapists that have been trained in providing stress relieving treatments, and self management techniques.

Our therapists help with life coaching in providing individually considered ways of reducing your stress.

Here are some effective massage therapy benefits:


Provide relaxation of the mind:

Research demonstrates that stress effects most parts of the body, especially the mind. When you carry extraordinary tension, you can feel pain and muscle stiffness. The question arises, what do you feel most at the time of stress, headaches, stomach problems, fatigue or different sleeping problems. When you enjoy stress relieving massage therapies then definitely you will feel a relaxation of the mind.

The perfect way to change your mood:

Just think about, when you have high stress, have you ever found yourself depressed or feeling anxious? Do you face trouble in finding relaxation or needing some rest? It’s quite hard to get things done. Maybe sometimes you feel irritable or quite overwhelmed. In the case of pregnancy, the expecting mother can feel stressed and overwhelmed at times, which is not ideal for either mother or,remedial massage melbourne,pregnancy massage melbourne cbd,pregnancy massage melbourne city,prenatal massage,melbourne massage,massage therapy,pregnancy massage cairns,netball massage melbourne,sports massage melbourne,pregnancy massage australia

Relieving stress helps in meeting different goals:

Did you know that people living with unhealthy stress levels are less likely to achieve their goals. They are less happy with increased anxiety, more prone to illness & mood swings, struggle to focus and sleep . With the help of Remedial massage, people feel fully refreshed and enjoy their life without living in stress. So, the best advice is to manage your stress, so you are able to meet your goals.

Reduce sports injuries or chronic illness:

It is shown in preliminary research that massage therapy is helpful for reducing the patient’s pain and helpful in managing stress, chronic health issues, sports injuries, and digestive disorders. Sports injuries invariably happen, however, sports massage is beneficial in the prevention, recovery and management of  such instances.

It leads to a healthy life:

It is widely accepted that with regular massage therapy there are some health benefits in lowering both heart rate and blood pressure. It’s helpful in maintaining good health and well being. When you get soft tissue therapy, your stress levels reduce, benefiting your cardiovascular health, assisting in a healthier life.

Helpful to stay physically active:

Physical activity at any level is crucial in maintaining good health and reducing stress. A daily walk of just 30 minutes has profound benefits to your well being and physical mobility. Regular massage therapy is a great way to start your journey to increased physical activity, at the same time feeling your anxiety and stress reduce day by day, walk by walk.

Removing pain with dry needling therapy:

If a person needs therapy without the physical aspects of massage, they can choose the modality of dry needling. It’s a less physical technique that is specifically design for movement impairments and or removing pain. It’s a technique that treats the intramuscular tissues by insertion of a dry (solid) needle/s into quite specific locations identified by the therapist through palpation and assessment. Often confused with the Chinese treatment of acupuncture, dry needling is a musculoskeletal treatment; whereas acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. 

Medical massage techniques:

It’s a massage treatment which is based on the outcome that a patient has a diagnosed condition under the care of a medical practitioner. Through consultation with the patient’s doctor, continual assessment and evaluation, the medical massage therapist is part of a combined health team.

During times of increased stress and anxiety it can be difficult to understand what you’re feeling and why. You may be irritable for no real reason, get angry at nothing, lose your temper over minor things. You feel something is wrong, but aren’t sure what. If any of the above articles ring a bell for you, it might be time to try something different, try therapeutic massage with a massage therapist who is fully professional and trained in dealing with stress and anxiety through therapeutic massage. So, consult with “Wayne Remedial Massage therapist today.


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